Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Blog Contest! SCRAP THAT CRAP!!!

Do you think you have a great organizational skill?
Do you have a great organizational technique to share?
Do you want a chance to win a FREE SCRAPBOOKING WEEKEND (hotel not included)?

Then this is the contest for you!
Meryle and Susie have the WORST scrap rooms ever!
Over the next 4 weeks, we will ask you to email us at croppersdelightnyc@yahoo.com photos of your Scrap Room and or Organizational Techniques. Please include a description of the photo/technique your name and email address.
We will post them on the blog as we receive them. You the blog readers, need to comment (to help us choose) the 2 contestants (winners) of this contest. The 2 contestants will be chosen on December 5th.

Now comes the fun stuff. The 2 contestants that get chosen, will SCRAP THAT CRAP!
1 contestant will go to Meryle’s home, and 1 will go to Susie’s home (the week of Christmas break)
You get a budget of $50 to spend and you get to use anything in the current room/space.

Also as a side note, both Meryle and Susie go to many crops and need to have a good way to take items with them also. Susie’s current room is a mess because when she goes to crops she just throws things in a bag, and then the bag ends up on the floor of her room (videos of the rooms will be posted soon).

On January 2nd we will post the transformation video’s of the rooms. Again we will ask the bloggers to comment away. A winner will be chosen on January 31st.

Now what do you win?? The WINNER of the best room will win a FREE WEEKEND CROP (to be used in April) hotel not included.
2nd Place is not a loser! They will win a $50 shopping spree at our CroppersdelightNYC traveling scrapbooking store.

So start sending those photos/ideas in to us today!

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  1. I think I have a few things to share... I will work on getting my photos to you.